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Complementary feed, for dogs and cats, intended for particular nutritional purposes (PARNUT). Useful to promote the balance of intestinal microbial flora.

New formula for Lactoadapt, a complementary feed useful in cases of dietary, climatic and food stress; especially indicated for the reduction of acute intestinal absorption disorders, during acute diarrhea and subsequent recovery periods.

The new formulation uses the Parnut definition (or PARNUTS "Foods for Particular Nutritional Purposes"); with it we mean the "functional food" that include those food products characterized by the fact of having specific beneficial properties.

This definition is an "extra gear" for the product, on the road to safety and quality; in fact, compared to the category of complementary feeds, for the "complementary feeds destined for particular nutritional purposes" a precise claim is defined (it is a very precise definition, can be boasted on the label), a period of use, but above all a quality composition profile such as to satisfy that particular nutritional purpose and finally the intervention of the figure of the veterinary doctor is recommended before the use or in case of extension of the period of use.

  • for the treatment and the prophylaxis of intestinal dismicrobism due to:
    1. use of antibiotics
    2. changes in diet
    3. eating disorders
    4. intoxications
  • is recommended to support the balance of microbial intestinal flora. It is indicated as an active adjuvant in gastro intestinal infections, diarrhoea and constipation.
  • reduces intestinal dysbiosis and improves intestinal absorption