PuppyStim Probiotic & Colostrum Paste - 15ml Syringe

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PuppyStim Probiotic & Colostrum Paste - 15ml Syringe

A Colostrum and Probiotic enhanced feed that is specially designed and extensively used to stimulate small, weak, underweight, undernourished newborn puppies. Offering immediate energy that is easily derived from rapidly absorbed Triglycerides, essential fatty acids and Glucose.


Medium Chain triglycerides43.5 Glucose Syrup22.3 Water13.51 Hydrolysed Yeast10 Castor Oil8 Colostrum5 Plant extract1.06 Xanthum Gum0.95 Sorbic Acid0.3 Vitamins0.16 Flavour0.17 Antioxidants0.02 Cylactin3 x10 ^6 CFU/G

Administration Guidelines
READ ALL STEPS BEFORE USE Always use PuppyStim™ under the direction and guidance of a Veterinary Professional. Puppystim™ is NOT recommended to be administered directly from the syringe. Puppystim™ should be offered from your finger or an alternative controlled method.

For newborn puppies, give 1ml (1 graduation) amount as soon as possible after birth and repeat 5 hours later, repeat again on second day.

For puppies failing to thrive after 2-3 days, administer 2ml (2 graduations) repeating for 2-3 days.

Legal Disclaimer

Can be sold to breeders in advance of litters in case any of the above should occur, or breeders may want to use as part of regular routine.