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CortiAdapt Gel® 

Topical gel for animals with an emollient and nourishing action for the skin, able to soften and soothe red skin and keep it in good condition.

Gel is for dogs and cats formulated with Aloe extract with moisturizing and emollient action, Oak tree with astringent action and Lactoferrin indicated to promote skin trophism, favouring the integrity, the state of hydration and the elasticity of the skin of our four legged friends.

Protective, soothing and sanitizing formula, adjuvant in the treatment of skin conditions characterized by itching, redness and alterations of the hydrolipidic film.

  • Black currant (Ribes nigrum) is a plant of the Sassifragaceae family. It is one of those plants of which various parts are used and has numerous areas of application. The leaves, whose main components are triterpenes and a polyphenol complex, have skin purifying and regenerating properties. Often the extract of currant leaves is used in products for topical use in case of problems of alteration of the skin epithelium and in case of redness. Fruits too, rich in citric acid, malic acid, vitamin C, trace elements, polyunsaturated acids, flavonoids and anthocyanins, are useful for their astringent, skin toning and refreshing action.
  • The use of oak extracts is a widespread practice known since ancient times: acorn, roots and bark contain numerous active ingredients due above all to the presence of tannins such as catechins and ellagitannins; flavonoids such as quercetin; and, finally, resins and pectins very abundant in the protoplast.
  • Oak tincture is indicated to promote re-epithelialization and restore the physiological state of the skin.
Recent studies in humans have shown that Lactoferrin for topical use favours the reduction of discoloration and the improvement of skin trophism by exploiting its modulating and chelating properties.
  • Can I apply the product several times a day? - Yes.

  • Can I use CortiAdapt Gel® on a puppy? - Yes, its particularly delicate formulation is also suitable for puppies.

  • Accidental ingestion of whole product packaging - We remind you that it is good practice to keep the unopened package away from the reach of children and animals, as indicated in the warnings on labels and boxes. The greatest risk in the event that a dog ingests the entire contents of the package is that it may in a hurry swallow pieces of plastic, much more harmful than the active ingredients contained in the product. However, given the variability of the subject with respect to body weight, breed and age, the advice we would like to give is to consult your veterinarian who will be able to assess the situation from time to time by knowing the dog thoroughly.


Apply a thin layer of product in skin folds and reddened areas, massaging carefully.


Gel in tube for topical use for animals, 100 ml


Water, propylene glycol, urea, carbomer, glycolic extract of black currant leaves, glycolic extract of aloe barbadensis leaves, phenoxyethanol, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, freeze-dried juice of Aloe barbadensis, ethylhexylglycerin, glycine, oak root extract, Lactoferricin , chlorphenesin, benzyl alcohol, dehydroacetic acid, maltodextrin, triethanolamine