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CelerVis Pet®

Complementary feed for dogs in paste, especially those subjected to efforts like work or sport. Product designed and created specifically for those dogs that have an immediate and effective need for an energy supplement. As for man, even the animal, subjected to a continuous effort given both by work and by a sport that requires a lot of energy, may need immediate integration. Its specifically designed ingredients, aimed at the animal's energetic support, provide "energy ready to use" to help the dog during the activity.
Thus was born CelerVis Pet® which, thanks to all its ingredients, specifically studied, aimed at supporting the animal's energy (for example, vitamins such as B12 or B6; minerals such as iron; proteins such as taurine and carnitine) , provides "ready to use energy" to help the dog during the activity. For this purpose, the choice of the appropriate dosage form is also aimed, a paste that is easier to administer to your animal and also more easily assimilated; in quantities, according to weight, as per instructions on the package. In its renewed formulation has been added the blend ProVisPet® , exclusively for Dogoteka, which combines the properties of Carnitine, Maca (Lepidium Meyeni) and Medical Herb (Medicago Sativa) in a mix specially designed to promote the proposed action of the product. A pool of substances that work together to optimize the energy yield of the ingredients. Carnitine, an amino acid important for the formation of energy, in association with the two plant extracts which, within their composition, boast a large amount of all those nutrients, also essential for energy support during periods of stress or great efforts and to integrate the components that are "consumed" during physical activity.

Formulation able to offer the body a prolonged energy reserve over time.
Recommended for dogs that:
  • practice sport or work
  • convalescent subjects
  • debilitated subjects
  • lactating females
  • post-operative